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PRIMEDIA is a digital advertising agency from Prague that provides more than just search engine marketing

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 Prague Advertising Agency
Prague Advertising Agency

Delivering innovative user experiences, we are a full-service digital design and advertising agency transforming ambitious companies into powerful brands at a rapid speed. 

PRIMEDIA- is a Prague Marketing agency that delivers strategy, branding, production of creative content, social media management & advertising services.

Advertising and marketing agency services
Advertising and marketing agency services

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We are a  full-service advertising agency from Prague. Utilizing creative ppc advertising strategies, we manage all aspect of your brand's online presence and create compelling work that generates results. From ppc keyword research  over creative development, marketing strategy, production, and last mile execution, we help bring a meaningful difference.

Bringing Brands to Life

With consumer understanding at the heart of everything we do, we help brands stand out. Leveraging our integrated solutions, we develop innovative, creative solutions for each client we partner with. Our partnership with brands allows us to achieve meaningful progress and help unlock new opportunities for growth and business transformation across the entire customer journey.

We deliver creativity on an ever-broader platform, bringing together unrivalled talent, resources and skills to provide consistent, world-class solutions. We transform brands through an integrated offer of communications and creative experience for clients.

Every Brand Matters

We then work to establish the voice with a unique approach to user experience design and digital strategy that brings the brand to life.

With expertise in offering a horde of advertising services and producing experiences, we help bring brands to life by creating world-class services that are informative, engaging and deliver significant results.

We do it all — from creative development to marketing strategy to production and last mile executive. We're constantly thinking of ways to bring a meaningful difference to our clients.


Whether you need a logo/ brochure/ catalogue/banner or an integrated campaign, we make sure to create a design that best meets your brand needs. Our experienced team offers extensive capabilities from clever packaging ideas, innovative products & renderings, brilliant logos, and brand identity development.


Strategically driven design is the heart of collaborative communications. From script to direction, storyboard, direction, animation, graphic execution, and more. We help brands tell their story with clarity and conviction all with the shared goal of creating impeccable work.


Building brand identities with timeless designs and versatile brand strategies, 360 Digital Marketing makes sure that your brand leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Storytelling in Motion

Motion branding improves the outcomes of procuring evaluations. An endless possibility is there for effectively produced photos & videos. Start with a team of creatives working under a pretty sorted belief; to combine their talents and passions to create something noteworthy.

Whether projects are video, print, or digital, our fully-serviced team handles every detail of planning, production, and final deliverables. From developing videos to content campaigns, we make photo & video shoot production a breeze.

Every Shooting is Different, But Fun

While every project is unique, we draw upon our experience to lead a production process built upon your brand's needs. Not forgetting our laser focus on tone of voice & brand, and messaging. Ultimately, we want to bring out the best version of the work. Because of our successive outputs, our clients trust us because we know the best way to deliver their story in motion.


Speak volumes with images that spellbind. With out-of-the-box creativity, our team delivers final versions that engage and allure.


We help your business channel the power of connection across every digital interaction from social media reviews, messaging, and channel-based digital communities to stay connected all ways. Our experienced team can help build, maintain, and protect your reputation on all digital channels.

Building Brand Loyalty that Lasts

Turn your audience into brand loyalists by giving them a positive experience. Communication & Response Management on social media is one of the effective ways to build authentic brand loyalty.

At Primedia, we understand how to maintain a brand's identity across all social platforms and keep the followers engaged. We continue to help our brands manage their social media audience by monitoring and reacting to the online conversations around the brand.

Online reputation management

Reviews, ratings and social media posts are widely accessed by people when they make decisions. Our online reputation management involves comprehensive services to build, maintain and protect your reputation on these digital channels. Once we are fully aware of your community management expectation, our team will be responsible for addressing queries from the audience, directing questions to the right channel, and overall boosting engagement on social, Google, and other platforms.

Models, talent, artists

We have long partnered with the best talents of models, stylists, promoters, entertainers, musicians, and more. And as our influencer circle evolves, we continue to adapt by collaboration with some of the most prominent artists to promote our clients' prestigious products.


Give your clients the experience they deserve with english speaking proffesionals. Our mother agency in Dubai is a  Website Development, Mobile App Development, HTML conversions, landing pages, web & app maintenance, and Website Hosting expert and we strive on perfection to build business driven solutions for all brands.

Website creation is the process of designing and developing a website from scratch or customizing existing templates and content to establish user friendly experience and a strong online presence in seach engines. Captivating dsesigns, seamless user experinces and visual storytelling.

Help your company to scale and become category leaders. Our developmental services ensure that goals are not only achieved but exceed expectations. We've worked with innovative start-ups to the best-known companies. We would love to do the same for your brand. Starting with a winning strategy and ending with perfect execution is what we do best at Primedia.

We are a one-stop destination for app & web development- from HTML conversions, website hosting, or web & app maintenance- to help you exceed your growth goals. Our websites are always user and SEO friendly and we help with translation and localisation.


From building a robust social media presence, and performance-based digital marketing activities to designing a user-friendly website, we can help you gain the much-needed edge. We do it all- SEO, Google display and Search Ads, Social media and more.One of the most challenging things for businesses is how to reach and engage with their target audience. Getting the brand message across to the right people is crucial. And nothing is more effective than digital marketing.

Through this broad platform, businesses can connect and engage with clients via email, content marketing, search platforms, search engine optimisation (SEO), video marketing and more.We partner with our clients to understand their business, goals, and impact on clients. We then translate this into a dynamic digital marketing strategy and help companies grow to the next level.How

Can Digital Marketing Services Help Businesses?

Social Media Marketing
Social and digital media marketing involves utilizing various online platforms and channels such as social media networks, search engines, content creation and advertising to promote brands, products or services.

Primedia marketing agency supports your brand and helps to improve your Company's online presence in the Czech Republic and abroad with different methods of digital marketing. Social media marketing is an integral part of any business. Frequently posting can help cement business on social media by enticing new customers. By learning how the social platform works, knowing where your target audience is, and creating original content, companies can increase their online presence and sales. Our social media services always deliver heavily integrated PR and influencer marketing.

SEO (search engine optimisation) has significant benefits for businesses and can help with long-term exponential growth. Companies that invest in SEO can build credibility, making it a crucial part of digital marketing strategy.
Motad listens to client's business goals, brand identity, and competitive position. We use those insights to offer a comprehensive approach that helps businesses increase their website rankings, optimize on-page approach, and backend issues, and develop an SEO-friendly strategy that relates to the audience.

Video Marketing
Another powerful for digital outreach is video marketing. By including this immersive media, businesses can create a consistent contact channel. Using videos can lead to better engagement and higher user interest.

Creating visually stunning, personalized videos to use across our brand's marketing channels is what we do best at Primedia. Our video communicates your brand story through an engaging medium and drives ROI across every channel.


From content writing to campaigns, radio, TVC, digital videos, social media and press releases, we offer a full range of script & content marketing activities to build your brand and take your work to the next level. We make brands matter through our impactful creative works.

Tell your Brand Story with Impactful Content Marketing

To captivate the audience and nurture a solid relationship, brands must communicate their story authentically. Whether it's copy for product packaging or social ads, every word should send out a clear message to express who you are, what you do, and why people would like to use your products or services. Next, through powerful content marketing activities, brands can compel a call to action and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Add Voice to Your Brand

Engaging the audience at all touchpoints with fresh, shareable content effectively delivers the message, intrigues people, and increases the brand's reach. With the right content strategy, brands can make their stories heard consistently.


We help amplify your brand's message and generate a positive buzz by partnering with some of the best influencers. Our diverse roaster of influencers includes distinguished bloggers who help brands drive exponential growth and tell your story to new audiences.

The Power of Influencers

Brands are turning towards influencers as major marketing channels. As influencers have taken a prominent role in marketing brand strategy, several businesses have paved the way to foster partnerships between brands and influencers while tracking the campaign's success. Motad is one such company. We aim to help brands reconnect with their audience through social media influencers. Our notable influencer marketing campaigns with notable brands is a testimony of what we do.

Campaign Management

Establishing a long-term market relationship means connecting with the audience. Modern consumers are drawn to brands that demonstrate a new and authentic connection. Our team crafts impactful marketing plans that combine best-in-class tactics with the global reach of our talented network.We brainstorm our way to present an initial strategy to execute our goals with an open conversation that encourages collaboration & innovation.

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Get in touch with marketing consultant from Prague
Get in touch with marketing consultant from Prague

Drive your Business with Digital Marketing to find new customers and generate revenue for your business.

During the initial consultation, the marketing expert listens to the client regarding his case and the requirements. The initial consultation is mostly provided over Zoom or Hangout or electronic mail (email). A free online consultation usually does not exceed 15 minutes.

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PRIMEDIA is a 360 digital advertising agency from Prague that provides more than just search engine marketing

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