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Why is content important?

Quality content is relevant for evaluation. The following components improve the article and text with little effort. The text consists of various headings, H1, H2, H3 ... and subheadings. Smaller, more compact and shorter paragraphs improve readability.The text should never be written for a search engine, but rather developed for the reader. Bring appropriate videos, analysis, and images at appropriate intervals.
At Prime Media Prague SEO Company, we deal with online marketing for foreign websites in English, an integral part of which is SEO optimisation.

Need help expanding your site abroad? If you want to penetrate a foreign market, you are looking for a capable, reliable and discreet company for writing blogs in English, writing texts for your website in English, placing articles on foreign channels, placing ads abroad, news about the company activities in English, blog support and articles abroad, Google my Business support, Twitter sharing, LinkedIN, Pinterest in English, geo-social in English, targeting, advertising in English, writing reviews in English?

Who are we?

Welcome to Prime Enterprises Media, advertising agency Prague. Search for International  SEO and optimisation of our website? Find Best SEO Services from Prague SEO Company in Czech Republic. We are a team of International and Prague SEO experts and other professionals around the world with various education and specialisations in online marketing. 

What are we doing?

We are engaged in international online marketing and advertising.  We offer complete SEO services not just for Czech or Prague customers but worldwide.We specialise in all search engines and effectively target real customers. Effective search engine optimization requires approximately 6 months of collaboration. Our team of SEO experts has many years of experience and orientation to the local market in the country of origin.

What does a good SEO agency do?

A good SEO company will help you find keywords that are relevant to you on Google and other search engines. With targeted online marketing measures, your SEO company helps you gain more customers.In order to achieve the best possible SEO rankings for the web, they use an off-page SEO agency and a page with search engine optimisation measures in online marketing.If you have a web presentation in English and you need to target English clients, we offer complete online marketing, SEO optimisation, including link building and much more.

Interested in better Google ranking ?

              Optimization Step by Step


You will get your hands on detailed focus and statistics. Find out what doesn't work and what works. SEO test is a guarantee of a successful audit. We will advise you on how to eliminate any shortcomings in the SEO audit and once the analysis and audit are complete, you can adjust your SEO strategy.

Thanks to state-of-the-art support technologies, all your information is safe with us. We provide SEO services exclusively for foreign search engines. We find out the current position in search engines and propose adjustments. We will assess which search engines are most important to you. We will assess the effectiveness of the textual content and propose any changes.


Code is like the 'life support system' of the website. Our SEO specialists analyze the code and rewrite the title tag, description tag, and keyword tag to ensure they are search engine optimized, search engine friendly and most importantly clickable.


Search engine optimization is more commonly known as its acronym SEO. Optimization is the basis of all SEO practices.We'll first analyze the site and verify that the keywords you recommend are appropriate. We'll keep or recommend more appropriate keywords.

From the keywords you enter, we'll select the appropriate ones or suggest more

  • We will select suitable search engines according to your type of goods or services
  • We will publish posts based on keywords
  • We will select suitable search engines according to your type of goods or services
  • We will create and fill in profiles abroad
  • We will adjust your data source and optimize it for a specific search engine abroad
  • We will prepare advertising campaigns
  • Page optimization (we suggest editing)

Introductory analysis, Google/Bing settings, Google Analytics tracking code implementation, URL mapping, XML Sitemap creation, robots.txt optimization, heather and title / meta tag optimization (all pages),

Micro data, SEO-friendly URL transcription, speed optimization, creation of new pages in English. Navigation and structure optimization, optimization of existing text (max. 30 pages), image optimization, Google publisher brand, tools for webmasters - troubleshooting crawling errors, BIO optimization, article creation.

Every month we send reports on activities and developments.

  • We will set up Google Analytics
  • Analysis of the current state

Start profiting SEO Agency and marketing Agency Prague offers the best professional search engine optimisation (SEO) services. Contact us to learn how we can increase your online visibility!

If you are interested in other services like translation, reviews writing or just keywords or posting jobs in Czech Republic please contact us.

  Effective customer service

                            WEB OPTIMIZATION

             Using  the most advanced support     technologies, all your information are safe with us. We support clients to improve their knowledge of online marketing and promote organic search that will lead to sales. Our web optimization includes off page optimization as well as on page optimization. Our SEO Strategy has a long-term effect. We provide SEO services exclusively for foreign search engines with a focus on google. We will advise you on how to eliminate any shortcomings in the SEO audit and once the analysis and audit are complete, you can adjust your SEO strategy.

SEO Audit


Our work start with SEO audit. Our SEO analytics tools evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence and take it to the next level by improving your localization and digital image. We will find out the current position in the google search engine and suggest adjustments. We will assess the effectiveness of the textual content and propose necessary changes. You will get detailed focus and statistics. Find out what doesn't work and what does work for your website the best.

Search Engine Optimization

                       COMPLETE SOLUTIONS

We are committed to support our clients with state of the art technologies to improve online marketing proficiency and boost organic searches that will drive sales.


Our analytics tools will evaluate your online presence effectiveness and take it to the next level. We'll give you an overview of the appropriate keywords we'll use to optimize your site. We will give you marketing strategy. We will optimize contents from your site and in the net and constantly monitor the current status.

Routine optimization includes: content analysis, keyword analysis and keyword creation and some monitoring. Its okay but there is much more we can do.


We want to offer complete SEO services and online marketing include SEO keywords, SEO optimization, link building, analysis, content writing, SEO submission.

 We are  at your disposal for submitting and writing articles, promoting and sending press releases, sharing social content, supporting any blogs, blogging, keyword-based posts, publishing reviews and much more in 1 price.

SEO Expert from Prague SEO Company

In Prime Media, we specialize in SEO optimization service for Google and other search engines and sources from which you will not only increase traffic, but also sales. The keyword analysis itself and its implementation will bring you hundreds of new customers. Unlike paid ads, you can't pay search engines to get higher organic search rankings. However in Prime Media we believe the organic traffic will bring you the customers you need. Customers who will increase your sale without spending thousands on paid ads.We believe that you will decide for us among the huge competition and place your trust in us. We will be happy to work with you on a long-term basis.

We want to remain transparent, which is why, thanks to our price packages, you get everything you would pay separately elsewhere. We offer a fixed price list for complete SEO optimization and marketing. We do not set the price of optimisation from site to site or according to the size of the company. However, we recommend more keywords for larger companies with a larger website. Prague SEO guarantee Professional SEO Services - Building positions in search engines, traffic and conversion. 

Long lasting campaign effects

                   COST EFFECTIVE PLANNING

Our teams from SEO experts leverage customised planning approaches to deliver your business with an effective growth that will increase your profitability over time.


Websites need to be maintained on a regular basis. With SEO management you will achieve a permanent increase in traffic from search engines. We will get your site to the top of the google search engine and we will adjust the SEO strategy based on changes in the search engine algorithm.


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to do anything extra to comply with changing search engine guidelines?

    No, it's all taken care by us. Our SEO packages, processes and quality standards are constantly updated as per the latest changes in algorithms. From the link partners to outreach sites, we review everything from time to time.

  • Who will work on my campaign?

    We provide you an Account Manager who will be responsible for managing your campaign and will ensure that the campaign is on track. The Account Manager will be in contact with you through e-mail, Skype or Whats App.

  • How will I know if the SEO campaign is making any progress?

    We do regular activity updates as well as send monthly rank reports for all the keywords that we are working on. In addition, we also provide detailed traffic and website usage reports to show how traffic source and conversions are improving. International & Czech SEO Marketing Agency Prague