Professional SEO Consultant and Marketing  Expert in Prague.                               Fixed prices for internet marketing. 

Reduce your advertising expenses and SEO costs by generating organic traffic with professional SEO consultant Prime Enterprises Media

Professional SEO Consultant and Internet Marketing Expert in Prague offers fixed prices for internet marketing what the others would charge separately.

Monthly SEO pricing include an overview of the services required for each site. At Prime Media, some of us know that SEO is an extensive process and depends on the Concrete State of the site, its content, expectations and also the implementation of the competition. Web services tailored to clients, which we guarantee with a contract. We proceed in this way even if the client does not need some services from the packages. The client, get the ,, other important SEO service", completely free.


  • PPC Packages Advertising 
  • Content Writing Packages
  • Social Media Marketing (SMO)
  • Link Building
  • Graphic Design
  • Website optimisation

Please read here to see prices for our marketing packages.

How much cost Professional SEO Consultant?

SEO prices for national, local or international SEO, website optimisation and marketing activities vary on many factors and every agency will count it a bit different. A quick look shows how much it costs for an SEO expert from $80 to $140 an hour. However, an average cost of monthly search engine optimization service between $500 and $750 and $1500. But we charge a reasonable price to deliver a professional website development and Improve Google Search Engine Results. Based on the project size the agencies usually give a project price from 1000Euro. 

The higher price is not always the worse offer if you know what is included the marketing packages are usually better solution then pay per hour or an individual job. SEO is a complex process and without one the second doesn't  work. Some SEO experts might say that SEO services can't be included in the package. This is right, because SEO can't be strictly limited by the offered service, it's a complete process and always individual. The setup or optimization might be more or less same for most of the websites but then every project is different and it needs an individual approach. 

In Prime Enterprises Media we always watch the clients needs and substitute service as needed. If the client doesn't need some of our service we just don't provide it and substitute it with another service which is really needed. We only do not substitute for services that are not included in the package. We created our packages the way that ever client get his website optimised for searching engines. We have confidence in working according to our client's prerequisites with custom-made nd complete solutions to get more leads, sales and traffic. We have a different marketing and SEO packages  for any budget.


As an digital advertising agency and professional SEO consultant  we are dedicated to many types of internet marketing online services. You can choose the best one for your usability and budget. Prime Enterprises Media rely on creating custom internet marketing packages to expand your business on search engine and social media. 

Before you purchase any of our internet marketing packages we have to discuss your needs. We handle all budgets and every client's campaign is calculated based on their goals and ability. All of our marketing services are based on minimum of 3-12 months. contact based on tailored package.

Our internet marketing online packages depend on what your digital marketing goals are. We will make a customised package for you.


Local search engine optimization is the process of making your business or company visible for location-based searches. Businesses with physical locations that serve their communities face-to-face can increase their search visibility using local SEO. These may include a departmental store, a salon, or a florist shop. This is an example of our local SEO Czech Republic Setup Package. 

  • Local SEO Audit
  • Keywords Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Reports
  • 10 Keywords (5 primary + 5 secondary)
  • Up to 1 Location
  • Onpage Optimization (Title and meta Tags, Content Optimization, H Tags and pictures optimization)
  • Google my business optimization
  • Bing, Yandex & Facebook Listings
  • Czech directories
  • Directory Submissions
  • Blogs, Comments, Content sharing and more based on client project

Starts on 250 per page EUR per month, min. 3 months


National search engine optimization is the process of making your business or company visible with focus on countries,  for location-based searches for example,, etc. 

We will find the right keywords your customers are searching in the searching engines where you wish to be found. This is an Example of the Small National SEO with focus on 1-3 pages.

    • National SEO Audit
    • Competitor analysis
    • On page and off page analysis 
    • Reports
    • Up to 1 location 
    • On page Optimization ( Title and meta Tags, Content Optimization, H Tags and pictures optimization )
    • Total Keywords: 5-10
    • Content Marketing
    • Link Building
    • Social Media Marketing setup
    • Local Search Optimization
    • monthly 300 Euro for 6 months

Starts on 250 per page EUR per month, min. 3 months

              Large Packages and  Web Optimisation with no hidden fees for international SEO with focus on for websites written in English. Based on your website languages we can offer multiple SEO for different search engines and give you discounted SEO prices.   

Frequently asked questions

What is the amount of the monthly fee?

It is an individual price based on the time required and corresponds to the number of hours for a given project. The lowest price is EUR 250 / month.

How is the price of the monthly flat rate determined?

Small web presentations with a local focus, which have low competition, are less time consuming and website optimisation is easier, so the price is lower. On the other hand, there are large e-shops that offer a large number of products, the focus is on many keywords and at the same time there is a lot of competition on the Internet. For large projects, experts who are specialists for each given channel of internet marketing, which must be approached with the best care.

How do I know that I am paying for the work done?

At the beginning of each month, we regularly create an overview of the work done and all the necessary information so that the client can be sure of what is happening and where it is going.

Leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

 Why Hire a professional SEO Consultant? 

For online businesses and eCommerce sites the list of requirements for running business is long.  Internet Marketing by itself is filled with a huge selection of marketing types, strategies, and sub-categories that each offer a wide range of considerations.Most people know about search engine optimisation (or SEO) already, but they might not understand how important it can be for long term success.

So why hire a professional SEO company? 

With so many other budgeting concerns for marketing, businesses to think about, something like internet marketing online with search optimisation may get pushed to the back burner. For online businesses in particular, balancing efforts across multiple channels means identifying which ones offer the best benefits and deciding how to improve on them - for everything from social media, to paid advertising, to email outreach and more. The benefits of hiring a professional SEO consultant and internet marketing online agency might not be as apparent when accounting for the time and effort involved, and when considering that sometimes the nature of search engines often means that it feels like a guessing game.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Traffic that comes from internet searches represents an enormous percentage of online browsing. Search engines are everywhere now - people perform searches on Google, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, Baidue, etc. all the time. These resources are so ingrained in web browsing behaviour that they still easily represent the largest marketing channel in the world, as well as the type with the highest ROI.In fact organic traffic is so important that 44% of companies now make SEO a part of their marketing strategy. They also discover that SEO offers the best return-on-investment out of any digital marketing strategy. In polling, 32% of marketers say that out of all their strategies, SEO offers the highest return on investment. A Search Engine Journal poll found that this number could be even higher, with nearly 49% of responders claiming that SEO gave them the best overall ROI - more than email marketing, paid ads, or social media. This because out of all the most popular marketing strategies, SEO is comparatively low cost, but has the potential for huge returns over time.

Grow Your Sales (Not Just Traffic)

Good SEO is about more than just traffic. By performing keyword research that focuses on industry language and searcher behavior, SEO agencies and digital marketing companies are able to focus on bringing in the right kind of traffic.

Being able to discover and target intent-driven keywords means gaining traffic specifically for people who know what they want and are ready to buy. This is another reason why SEO is important for businesses who want to leverage their existing performance, professional SEO will help your brand to focus on keywords that gain you sales, and to ignore keywords that don't. 

Because search engines like Google and Bing often modify their search algorithms, many companies are frustrated by the seemingly arbitrary shifts in traffic and loss of keyword rankings. For websites that don't know what they're doing or for businesses that aren't aware that they could be doing something wrong - SEO can feel like it's not worth it.