Kickstart your Social Media and Business Marketing 

Internat marketing service
Internat marketing service


Photo shooting and video services 

We cooperate with the best Italian and Czech photographers. We also have a portfolio of low cost Czech photographers specialised in different areas. With our experience in movie production we are able to set up propriate professional short videoclip for your needs.We can also fix videos you have and use them on social media.

Advertising service with our digital marketing packages

Find the right marketing solution.If you want to get quick traffic. Affordable Social Marketing packages to suit your needs. We create Facebook ads or Istagram ads and stories with image and video to reach 100.000 impressions. PPC advertising is also a part of the package. When people see your ads they can click to call your business, visit your website, like ,share, comment , follow, save the content.You can get great sales leads and revenue.

Afffiliate marketing

If your website is good and you wish to earn some more money we can set up your own affiliate marketing programs. We set up affiliate for every kind of business.

SEO services

If you are finally convinced that SEO really works and you are ready to take your brand to the next level. SEO is a search engine optimization really works and we get you to be seen online better and get real customers by organic traffic.

Knowledge of the market

We specialise in Czech, Slovak, German, Italian, Swiss, Austrian, US and Middle East (Emirates) market. We help with local SEO , national SEO but also international SEO in other countries. If you want to bring your business to the world get in touch with us.

Why TikTok?

If you don't use this social networking platform to showcase your services or products yet, you're losing a lot! TikTok is one of the most downloaded applications for Android and iOS and has more than 2 billion downloads and 700-800 million active users per month. ? Of course! Of course, everything depends on the target audience. The TikTok social network platform is one of the most popular social media channels preferred by young recipients, also in the Czech Republic. TikTok's mission is to inspire creativity and provide entertaining content. Therefore, it is a good idea to run a brand promotion campaign in this convention.

TikTok provides advertisers with a number of solutions. Through TikTok Ads Manager, brands gain advertising opportunities, such as achieving company goals, accurate targeting, and attractive reporting formats. Advertising on TikTok allows you to reach millions of users and spread what you say about your brand online. TikTok Ad Manager provides companies with advertising goals in three categories. They address as many people as possible and encourage them to search for information about the company, buy or use products and services. We implement an advertising campaign on TikTok based on the goal selected by your company:

1 - Allows you to show your ad to the maximum number of people in your audience at a frequency adjusted by your company, and increase product awareness.

2 - Allows you to direct users to a selected website or application and present the advertisement to people who already use the application.

3 - Activities under this goal support downloading an application by connecting it directly to the web in the app store.

4 - thanks to TikTok Pixel, your company can attract users who are willing to perform activities such as registering on the website or purchasing.

Internet marketing service| Social Media

Internet marketing service

Is your marketing not working? People don't buy just goods and service anymore, they buy relations and stories. We will treasure your messages and translate them into positive stories.

Online marketing also called online digital marketing

When we talk about online marketing we mean boosting visibility. Online marketing is spreading message about a company. The methods used for online digital marketing include social media, display advertising, search engine optimization. Google Adwords and more. Traditional marketing is using media like print, billboards, TV channels and radio.

Online marketing is the group of activities the will create and promote our digital presence online.We help companies or even private persons. From social media management to SEO optimisation our online marketing strategy will be fitted for your specific activity and audience. We will be your promotion specialist and social media manager. We can give you social networks influencers and find the social media strategy.

Web marketing

We build website development for you. No site is to small and no site is too large for us. With our strategies from search engine optimization to content marketing we help you to promote your business.

Social media marketing

Want to know how to make your audience listen? Getting likes are cool but social marketing gives more then that. We will create a clear strategy using marketing funnels.

Social networks for BUSINESS and PERSONAL accounts

We will manage your account organically and manually

✔︎ Facebook, Istagram

✔︎ Tiktok


♚ What do you get?

✔︎ Real and organic followers

✔︎ Brand awareness

✔︎ Better search engine rankings

✔︎ Social appearance

✔︎ Popularity among friends

♛ Why take us to manage a social network?

✔︎ Manual marketing of your account.

✔︎ Organic cultivation of followers.

✔︎ No fake robot account.

✔︎ We have a large number of social media accounts with a large number of followers, where we share your profile to get an extra fast result.

✔︎ Hundreds of people see your profile every day.


✔︎ Link to profile / username, website and product or service information


We use influencers for the clients. Based on your products we find the right influencer and channel. You just tell us what expectations you have. Create, manage and optimize Social media advertising campaigns. We find the right Istagram, Youtube or TikTok influencer for you.

How do we create an ad on TikTok?

Depending on the type of promotion and the materials from which the advertisement for social networks is to be created, we choose one of several solutions. We can use a prepared template with lyrics, graphics and music, prepare a video from materials placed on the web, work with the creator of Smart video (the creator will create a compilation from previously submitted materials) or Smart Video Soundtrack. The last option is related to sending the finished movie, based on which the system adjusts the music. We'll also track ad conversions - from implementing Pixel TikTok, defining actions, and assigning their values ​​to counting based on selected events (such as Clicks on a button).

Campaign - In this phase, we select goals, set a budget (daily, total), and create an ad group.

Ad group - Choose a placement, schedule, target group, optimization goals, and bidding method, and start creating ads.

Advertising - we upload content (photos or companies), we add text and CTA buttons, we use a video creation tool.


(Strategy, targeting 1 campaign with 2 adsets + daily monitoring)

3500 CZK

Strategy, targeting 1 campaign with 2 adsets + daily monitoring

Maximum advertising spend: $ 500

Delivery 2-3 days

Target audience research

Automatic source ads

Campaign optimization

Keyword research

Analytics report