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What is SEO?

SEO means "search engine optimization".  The better your site is visible in search results, the more likely you are to attract attention and attract potential and existing customers to your business.

How does SEO work?

Search engines like Google and Bing use robots to crawl pages on the web, crawl from web to web, collect information about these pages and index them. Next, the algorithms analyze the pages in the index, taking into account hundreds of ranking factors or signals, to determine the order of the pages that should appear in the search results for the query.

Now that we know what SEO is and what it means we can look at how to easily improve a website. The first assumption is that keywords are part of headings, descriptions, meta, etc. However, words cannot be just loosely inserted, they must be finely incorporated in the texts to be pleasant to the reader. It's a good idea to have keywords in the page address. But it is not necessary. It is important that the URL does not change. The title and good text of the page are important, the form of the URL is only secondary. You need to keep the URL short. SEO is about getting quality traffic from natural search results, ie organic traffic from those who are interested in your product, ie quality traffic and real customers, not just traffic. There are means by which traffic is achieved. In the first place, they are a means of position in results.

Important Czech search engines:

70% Google

25% Seznam

in the sum of a small unit of percent gives,, Zboží.cz,, and

Google indexes pages that are written in any language. Conversely, the List selects for indexing only pages that are written in Czech. If you want to be in the Seznam with your pages, you need to have the pages in Czech. The Seznam uses an automatic algorithm to recognize the language. This is enough if only part of the page is in Czech. Pages written in Slovak also occasionally go through this algorithm.

What is Pagerank

Rank means rating and Page is from one last name from the founder of Google. Pagerank or the value of the site does not depend on the search word. Each individual page (URL) has a Pagerank, not the whole site together. The higher the Pagerank, the higher it will be in the results, however, Page Rank is not the only criterion for finding a page on Google. Pagerank is certainly very important, but its importance is a bit overestimated, because Google uses PageRank mainly to control a robot (crawler). He rarely visits low ranked sites. Some new URLs don't even visit until their PageRank reaches a certain value.

How to increase Page Rank

Make sure that as many links from pages as possible have a high Pagerank. Otherwise, it doesn't work very well. Links that lead to your site are called backlinks. Backlinks get badly, especially if you have sites of poorer or average quality. The easiest way to get backlinks is in catalogs. All you have to do is look up the thematic page of a catalog and manually register the URL and page description in it. The more registrations in different catalogs, the better. It's a good idea to contact related sites to request a link exchange. The fewer links on the source page, the more valuable the link.

SEO what it is, what the term Pagerank means and how to get links

SEO Monitoring and reporting

One of the main tasks of an SEO agency is to monitor the organic development of your website. Any recommendations for action are checked for proper implementation and adjusted if necessary. If there are new algorithms in search engines, the recommendations for optimization will also be adjusted. As a customer, you will receive a meaningful SEO report, which is easy to understand and completely makes the agency's work more transparent.

Why test the site?

SEO test is a process of measuring results and changes that affect the organic traffic of a website. All interventions and changes to the website can be measured. The website should be regularly checked and tested to see if our efforts are leading to positive results. There are over 200 types of ranking factors that use an algorithm to provide users with the best possible search result for a particular query. If you are interested in what your competition is doing, we can find out from us thanks to an SEO test and compare our strategy with theirs. The SEO test from us will also provide you with the best keywords for your site.

With our SEO test, you can find out the effects of your changes on one or all of your websites. Changes to small sections of the site and testing for changes will give you confidence that your changes are going in the right direction, and you can implement them later for the entire page or other pages of your site. When you test, you can avoid common mistakes immediately without wasting time.  Give changes time. If there are changes to the title and meta, we recommend testing after two weeks. If it is a new link, then after 6 weeks. In the case of changes to the text, the changes will be fixed in a period of about 4 weeks. It is therefore advisable to perform the tests after about 6 weeks.

You can do the SEO test yourself and for free. The GoogleAnalytics service is free and allows you to measure your traffic. Search Console is probably the most useful free SEO method for you. With google conole you can monitor how many pages Google has from your project in the index, how many pages it crawls regularly, how many pages contain errors. You can also view the keywords you are viewing in SERP here. However, you have many other functions available.


Sometimes there is confusion between SEO test and SEO audit. SEO audit is a process where we look at the current state of the website, sometimes we also call this technical SEO. SEO audits are very valuable because they give an overview of the overall state of the site. SEO audit is the content of every SEO package and it is the first thing we start with. If you are only interested in a specific SEO test, do not hesitate to contact us in this case and let us know what the SEO test should relate to. You can get more about SEO audit here.

SEO audit reveals:

  • Technical problems with SEO
  • Website structure issues
  • Problems with SEO on the site
  • User experience issues
  • Gaps in content and opportunities
  • Competitive market statistics


You will get your hands on detailed focus and statistics. Find out what doesn't work and what works. SEO test is a guarantee of successful audit of subsequent website optimization. We will advise you on how to eliminate any shortcomings in the SEO audit and once the analysis and audit are complete, you can adjust your SEO strategy.

Thanks to state-of-the-art support technologies, all your information is safe with us. We provide SEO services exclusively for foreign search engines. We find out the current position in search engines and propose adjustments. We will assess which search engines are most important to you. We will assess the effectiveness of the textual content and propose any changes.


A free Google tool to combat negative SEO. With Disavow, you can distance yourself from negative links that damage a site's reputation. If your link profile contains a large number of artificial or low-quality inbound links that could damage your rankings - and you can't remove them for legitimate reasons, you can use the Google Disavow Tool to They told Google to ignore the links.Open link profiler. is a tool for backlink analysis. It offers quite a lot for free. All professional functions are available at an additional cost.

The purpose of the audit is to identify as many basic issues as possible affecting the performance of organic search.

When the audit is done, you should pay attention to other parts of SEO to stay competitive. After all, the technical foundation is not the goal of the SEO success path. It is important to pay attention to the SEO activity of your competition, follow the latest best practices for search engines and maintain best practices for local SEO if your business depends on visiting customers at a physical address. These are all elements of a successful SEO strategy and should be the result of your audit and ongoing SEO maintenance.

The information captured during the audit process allows our team to make accurate and impressive recommendations for your specific website and situation.

    Professional SEO Company Services

    Hire the best digital marketing agency in the Czech Republic. Common optimisations include: SEO content analysis, analysis, keyword creation, and SEO monitoring and report. We are at your disposal for much more. 

    Professional SEO Company Prime Media specialise in SEO, finding right keywords, optimisation for Google, Czech and foreign search engines, and sources from which you will not only increase traffic, but also sales. The keyword analysis in English itself and it's implementation will bring you hundreds of new customers. We believe that you will decide for us among the huge competition and place your trust in us. We will be happy to work with you on a long-term basis and we will meet your ideas.

    Thanks to our professional SEO services and fixed price packages, you get everything you would pay separately elsewhere. We offer a fixed price list for keywords, complete optimization and marketing abroad. We do not set the price of optimization from site to site or according to the size of the company. However, we recommend more keywords for larger companies with a larger website. Because we specialize in SEO in English, all our reports and activities are also in English. A translation can be made for a fee to any language.

       SEO OFF PAGE optimization

      The second pillar of search engine optimization is the so-called off-page optimization, which - as the name suggests - does not take place directly on the web.

      Generating backlinks

      • Create a natural backlink profile
      • Devaluation of malicious backlinks
      • Constantly tracking your backlink profile
      • Brand building
      • If you are a start-up or an established company that wants to expand, you need to build an unforgettable brand. We will help you with that.

      Website development : On-page optimisation

      • OnPage SEO deals with the optimization of your website:
      • Content optimization with respect to keywords
      • Usability optimization
      • User experience optimization
      • Internal connection optimization
      • Page structure optimization
      • Robots.txt optimization, XML map, meta robot information for indexing control
      • Page speed optimization
      • The key to SEO success

      OnPage optimization is probably the most important evaluation factor in search engine optimization.

      Of course, the goal of OnPage optimization is to improve website rankings so that you can find them more easily in a search engine. This in turn increases traffic, which can generate higher sales. For this to work, your site must be tailored to the "wishes" of Google and Co.

      Expansion optimization

      During expansion optimization, untapped potential is identified and new SEO-relevant areas or subpages are integrated into your site to increase search engine visibility, generate more organic traffic, and gain a new customer.

      Basic optimization

      During the basic optimization, all detected errors are removed from the analyzes. This includes optimizing the response and load time of your site or your web store, optimizing bad pages and duplicate issues (content, name and description, H1), or optimizing your robots.txt file and XML Sitemap.

      Detail optimization

      Detail optimization takes care of existing subpages relevant to search volume. Here are detailed action recommendations for SEO-relevant sites. These include recommendations for content optimization (eg W-questions, WDF * IDF keywords), for the title and description, user interface or also for the mobile version of your website.

      Our professional SEO company services include:

      • SEO audit and consulting
      • SEO keyword research
      • SEO keywords advertisement
      • Friendly SEO keywords implementation
      • Link building
      • SEO submission
      • Analysis and adjustment of on-page factors
      • Analysis and management of off-page factors
      • Analysis and creation of keywords
      • Creating a content strategy
      • SEO copywriting (writing text for sites focusing on SEO)
      • SEO for Google
      • Web copywriting (writing text for your site), PR articles - advertising messages
      • Website evaluation and criticism
      • Website optimization
      • SEO report
      • SEO reporting
      • Social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, creation and visibility of blogs, articles, advertisements)
      • Google (establishment of my business page, implementation of google analytics, setup, publisher tag)
      • Robots.txt, XML
      • Writing reviews
      • Writing contents
      • Blogging
      • Contents Sharing

      However, it only depends on you and your needs whether you want to expand them or not. Please visit our SEO prices, where everything is described in detail for each package. Also visit our Digital media marketing services page to get idea of our marketing packages.

      Potential analysis

      Potential analysis is one of the most important steps to improve the search engine rankings on your site. Thanks to this, the SEO agency, as the name suggests, will find out where the potential of your website lies. Here are various aspects of your site analyzed. This includes, for example, the indexing status of the page and the degree of optimization of the texts and snippets. In addition, the organic traffic of your site is analyzed, existing rankings are recorded, and SEO-relevant URLs are identified. The information obtained helps the SEO agency determine which short, medium and long-term optimization measures are appropriate.

      Web analysis

      Potential analysis is one of the most important steps to improve the search engine rankings on your site. Thanks to this, as the name suggests, the SEO agency will find out where the potential of your website lies. Here are various aspects of your site analyzed. This includes, for example, the indexing status of the page and the degree of optimization of the texts and snippets. In addition, the organic traffic of your site is analyzed, existing rankings are recorded, and SEO-relevant URLs are identified. The information obtained helps the SEO agency determine which short-, medium- and long-term optimization measures are appropriate.


      While SEO audits may vary slightly, each should analyze basic technical "spreadsheets" of SEO, such as Sitemaps, server errors, and metadata. At a high level, the audit should cover accessibility, indexing and optimization.

      In the SEO audit at Prime Enterpises Media, our experts analyze over 193 different SEO elements in the following categories:

      • Indexing analysis
      • Redirection
      • Page speed
      • URL structure
      • Robots.txt
      • XML Sitemap
      • Canonical marks
      • Duplication
      • Browsing
      • Off-page analysis
      • Mobile SEO analysis
      • International SEO analysis
      • Audit on the site
      • Site content structure
      • Keyword research
      • Metadata analysis (site data, metadata descriptions, headings)
      • Diagram
      • User experience
      • Pictures and video
      • Internal link and HTML Sitemap
      • Server log audit

      OFF PAGE Analysis

      In a detailed on-page analysis using a web clinic, all indexed and indexable URLs are examined for the degree of optimization of the most important evaluation factors. In this way, OnPage errors are identified and analyzed. This forms the basis for effective and efficient correction of the basic errors of your site.

      In the off-page analysis, all identified backlinks on your site are examined, evaluated and classified according to potential danger. The goal is to have a clean backlink profile and eliminate any dangerous links that have a negative impact on the organic ranking of your site.

      Linkbuilding and online PR

      Backlinks also play an important role. We will provide you with functional and important backlinks. With SEO management you will achieve a permanent increase in traffic from search engines abroad.We can help you get relevant organic traffic from local queries. Affiliate linkbuilding, online PR and local SEO, including geo-targeting. Good backlinks are the basis for gaining basic authority in the English version in the UK or US. However we provide services with long effect thought the websites need to be addressed on a regular basis. We will get your site to the top of the google search engine, keep you there and we will adjust the SEO strategy based on changes in the search engine algorithm.

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