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Website translation services, SEO check and proofreading services

  From SEO website check & proofreading to keyword research & content translation. 

Our Website Check analyzes your website to see how well it is for online success.



If you require your website be interesting for search engines as well, you should also use SEO check

Keyword analysis provides information about search queries. This is the basic of every SEO content.

Technical check

In this phase, the sorting of the pages or perhaps the readability of the text is corrected. 



We offer two-way translations from A to Z from different languages. translations of all business fields. Translation service with complete proofreading and optimisation based on SEO analysis.

For the successful expansion of your products or services to international markets, you need high-quality translation and localization of websites but also SEO proofreading.



Need a translated text proofread by an expert linguist? Our editors will polish your rough work into a sparkling gem of a document. We help you to adapt to the local language in foreign markets! 

  • Language proofreading and text editing
  • Basic proofreading
  • Complete proofreading
  • Stylistic proofreading

SEO Website translation
SEO Website translation

Steps of complete website check, proofreading and translation Service


Our SEO company offers website website check services, translation, website language proofreading services and SEO texts created by native speakers. If you want, we can send you the text in two Word versions - with marked changes and with already accepted changes.

  1. Keyword analysis
  2. Content- copywriting, translation.
  3. Overall structure.
  4. Structure within paragraphs.
  5. Copyediting: Clarity and style.
  6. Grammar Check.
  7. Punctuation.
  8. Spelling mistakes.
  9. Technical SEO.
  10. SEO titles and descriptions to attract customers.

Pricelist for SEO check, proofreading, translation & optimisation

Technical SE0 proofreading

Price for 1 NS. Normsite has 1800 signs.

from $10

Language proofreading

Price for 1 NS. Normsite has 1800 signs,

from $10

Basic proofreading

Price for 1 NS. Normsite has 1800 signs.

from $7

Complete proofreading

Basic, stylistic, language, technical proofreading by native speaker. Price foe 1 NS.

from $32

Stylistic proofreading

Price for 1 NS. 

from $8

SEO Site check and SEO optimisation without keyword analysis based on current keywords

Price for 1 page.

from $25

Translation service with complete proofreading without SEO adjustments 

Price per 1 NS.

from $20

Translation service with complete proofreading and optimisation based on keywords and SEO audit

Price per 1 NS.

from $45

SEO Site check with keyword analysis and SEO optimisation 

Price for 1 page. Minimum amount is 3 pages.


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Do you need SEO proofreading?

If you already have the pages translated, but you are aware of the mistakes? Especially the automatically translated pages have a lot of errors. SEO proofreading optimizes texts for search engines and readers. 

SEO Proofreading takes care of SEO readability, the occurrence of keywords in the text and headings, the correct length and format of the meta description and SEO name, and links which are checked and edited by an SEO expert.


1. What format can I send you?

We can handle Word, PDF, translate directly in your website and even more.

2. How much doies it cost?

You will know the price in advance with the accuracy of one word. Simply send an inquiry and we will tell you how much the translation would cost.

3. When will be the work finished?

Exactly on the date we agree in advance.

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