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Facebook maintenance

With purchase of the Facebook maintenance you can choose from following options: 

Option 1. : Facebook setup account or check, 3 posts a week and groups sharing. 

Option 2:  Facebook Account set up or check + 4 posts a month + group sharing

5,000.00 Kč

Social media management agency Primedia is more than advertising agency. We are Experts for Facebook, PPC & SEO & Website Development.

Facebook's massive growth and popularity has taken it beyond trivial college campuses to the serious business world! Facebook for small Business, Facebook Ads and Facebook Places provides immense opportunities for companies of different sizes and types to engage and connect more with people all over the world! On the off chance that you pitch to customers, using Facebook for business marketing is a need.

About us

We offer social media service with the approach of delivering results to our clients & creating long term relationships to keep our customers ahead of their competitors. Primedia is the fastest growing media and advertising agency in Prague with its eyes towards the East and offices in Middle East. We are a full-service digital marketing management agency. Social Strategy, Content Creation, Epic Creatives, Community Mgmt, Data Integration & More. Anything To Do With Social - We're On It. 

Why Use Our Facebook Marketing Services?

Increase Brand Awareness, Engagement & Traffic with our Social Media Marketing Experts. Facebook marketing can help improve your search ranking. Using relevant keywords in your Facebook posts can make it easier for relevant searchers.

Social media does not have a DIRECT impact on Google's search algorithm. There are, however, a lot of correlations between social signals and search ranking. The more people share your content on Facebook, the better your chances of boosting your search ranking.  

Facebook is driving traffic to your site, building links through social shares, improving visibility and attracting  an audience. You can create a group around your business, build your email contacts list, sell through your page and showcase your stunning work. Some say Facebook shares and performance make no difference to SEO, but others beg to different. Optimising your social media content with keywords CAN improve its visibility within each social network. 

How to advertise with Facebook

When you create an official page for your business, you have the option to add a description.Using relevant keywords in your description is essential if you want a relevant audience to find you.A custom URL will also make your page easier to find on Facebook and in search engines.

If you don't create a custom URL, Facebook will generate an automated URL that may be long, and difficult to remember. To create a custom URL for your brand Facebook page, access the "About" section of your page.After optimizing your Facebook business page for SEO, you will need to make a continuous effort to optimize your updates and posts.

This means using keywords to make your posts more visible to relevant searchers.Write an interesting description for the content you share, and include the right keywords.You also need to include relevant keywords in your meta descriptions. 

Meta descriptions are snippets that tell people a little bit about the content on a web page.Simply sharing your content on Facebook may not be enough to get people to click.When you share links to your blog posts, or product pages on Facebook, include a call-to-action (CTA) that asks users to DO something specific. 

How we can help with your social media?

We can help you take your to the next level, develop and design not only your website, but also  market that  project you have been working on Facebook. Our highly experienced designers can easily understand your ideas and information and transform them into a creative and appealing web designs. 

Facebook Marketing Agency experts will assist you with facebook marketing services such as building a highly effective Facebook marketing strategy by creating a profile, uploading interesting, informative content every day, and posting relevant links for maximum likes, comments, and shares. 

We will manage all Facebook ads for ensuring higher visibility and create specific Facebook apps for better engagement with your customers. Facebook marketing agency experts will also monitor the performance of Facebook campaigns sending you a detailed report based on real-time analysis.

Drive more customers through facebook ads services! Increase your traffic engagement by regular updating post. With our monthly maintenance you will be able to get more customers. Our Facebook marketing agency has an entire team of professional writers, designers, social media experts who are enthusiastic about what they do! 

\We have no issue being innovative for your sake and thinking of content that will intrigue your intended interest group.  Feel free to contact us if you need further help to optimising your social media for better search ranking or monthly maintenance.

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