Gift voucher Red (500€)

Buy gift voucher for any occasion. Multiple usage in 1 year available. This gift gives ultimate choice from over 100 services Prime Enterprises Media offer. Check our services and buy this gift card to use any of them.

Buy gift voucher for any occasion and multiple usage. Check our services and buy this gift voucher to use any of them. Impress with gift voucher from us.Gift voucher| Vouchers Praha, Czech Republic.Gift voucher| Vouchers Praha,Czech Republic.Gift voucher Red (500€)

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Informations about this Gift Voucher

Here you will find a detailed description and use of the gift voucher. An electronic gift voucher worth EUR 500 is a voucher for the purchase of services provided to Prime Enterprises media s.r.o. The gift voucher can be used once or several times in one calendar year. The voucher is marked with its validity, which is 1 year from the purchase. If you are interested in the validity being longer, we can extend the voucher before the end of its validity. The voucher is renewed for a maximum of 6 months and is only possible once. The voucher can be redeemed online or in person in Prague.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a good option if you do not want to donate your famous money. These vouchers are not only suitable for corporate customers, but also for private individuals due to the wide range of services Prime Enterprises Media offers. Get acquainted with the services of Prime Enterprises Media Prague and buy your partners a gift voucher worth EUR 500 for all marketing services or services in Prague that Prime Enterprises media Prague offers.

Thanks to the gift voucher, you will not have to worry not only about inventing a gift, but also a possible waste of inappropriate selection. The recipient can choose for themselves what they will buy for the gift voucher. Payment for the voucher can be purchased simply by online payment card. The gift voucher cannot be sent cash on delivery. The gift voucher must be used up in its entirety and cannot be exchanged for cash.