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Affordable SEO Audit, website check and SEO plan 

An affordable SEO audit is the process of technical website checks. You get an optimisation SEO plan that brings visitors to your website through organic search.

This audit is the first step in improving your website. This SEO audit is focused on an overall SEO check to understand what problems the website has to be able to analyse them in detail and remove them.

This SEO audit is an initial important step because it reveals any website's SEO issues so you can address them. Plus, you'll get recommendations for changes that will lead to more traffic to your website. A quick SEO audit focuses on all common SEO issues.If you don't know what problems your website has, whether it contains errors and what is blocking it in search, we will find them. 

We will review your website and give you critical feedback. This is constructive criticism, so you will also receive recommendations on how to optimize the website.

The SEO Audit of the website is primarily focused on:

  • SEO (the overall result of SEO optimization, errors, shortcomings)
  • First impression
  • Website Appearance
  • Technical SEO
  • Metadata
  • Transparency of the website
  • Website loading speed
  • Website functionality (forms, clicks, etc.).
  • Texts on the website 

Instructions we need:

  • Website URL
  • Access to Google Analytics and Google Console
2,500.00 Kč

Deep Keyword Analysis

We offer keywords for both organic and paid strategy. Keywords for Google Ads, App Store, Facebook, Google, List, Amazon. The price is set for each channel separately. Delivery approx. 2 weeks.The price starts on 10.000CZK for one channel aprox. 500 EUR/ USD.

Basic keyword analasys is also a part of our monthly SEO.

The deep keyword analysis includes:

content analysis and content strategy 

  • keyword analysis 
  • identification of content topics
  • creating instructions for creating content
  • creating a table of contents
  • we sort the phrases into logical groups and assign them a specific landing page
  • .we will help you design or edit the website structure
  • edit titles and metadata
  • edit the textual content of the website
  • we find relevant key phrases for your website
  • we will reveal geographically localized phrases
  • we find longtail phrases.we evaluate searchability, competitiveness, relevance, importance and position in search engines for all keywords.

Keyword analysis from SEO experts

A keyword analysis is the process of audit site and research service for search phrases that bring visitors to your website through organic search. Keyword analysis is the process of analyzing the keywords or search phrases that bring visitors to your website through organic search. Get Your Organic Search Keywords.Find keywords that you can easily rank for and see what your competitors rank for. Purchase keyword research now!

Website audit and SEO plan

Do you want to get a quick overview of the status of your website?

If you don't know what problems your website has, whether it contains errors and what is blocking it in search, we will find them. You will get:

  • analysis of technical shortcomings of the website
  • user analysis
  • online 30 min. consultation of on page factors and analysis of content deficiencies of the website
  • backlink analysis and overall architecture
  • traffic analysis
  • assessment of keywords used on the analyzed web page.
  • delivery approx. 2-3 weeks

Research service

      Keyword research is at the heart of all SEO work. Our keyword research services help you tap into the power of SEO to discover what content your audience is actively searching for, equip your team to create relevant content around those topics, and improve your chances of ranking in search results through strategic keyword placement.

Keyword research is the process of discovering and breaking down the correct set of keywords that users tend to search for a particular set of term or matching phrases. Proper keyword research enables you to design and implement your paid and organic marketing strategy.

Our proven approach to keyword research could be the spark your content marketing strategy is missing. Keyword research and analysis is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. Your leads are searching for answers to their problems every day.

The key factor of creating a successful keyword strategy is to select user intended long-tail keywords rather than choosing a specific generic keyword which is very difficult to rank for. You can use google keyword planner or leave the work on team of experienced SEO experts.

Let us help you ensure your content is showing up when it matters most with our keyword research services. To help us create custom, results-oriented solutions for our clients, we bring together our service offerings in specific affordable monthly seo packages.

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