Affordable Website Audit with SEO Plan

Affordable SEO Audit, website Check and SEO plan

Performing an SEO audit and creating an optimization plan is a crucial step in improving your website's search engine visibility and performance.

This audit is the first step in improving your website. This SEO audit is focused on an overall SEO check to understand what problems the website has to be able to analyse them in detail and remove them.

This SEO audit is an initial important step because it reveals any website's SEO issues so you can address them. Plus, you'll get recommendations for changes that will lead to more traffic to your website. A quick SEO audit focuses on all common SEO issues.If you don't know what problems your website has, whether it contains errors and what is blocking it in search, we will find them.

We will review your website and give you critical feedback. This is constructive criticism, so you will also receive recommendations on how to optimize the website.

The SEO Audit of the website is primarily focused on:

  • SEO (the overall result of SEO optimization, errors, shortcomings)
  • First impression
  • Website Appearance
  • Technical SEO, backlinks
  • Metadata
  • Transparency of the website
  • Website loading speed and UX
  • Website functionality (forms, clicks, etc.).
  • Texts on the website [content audit]

Instructions we need:

  • Website URL
  • Access to Google Analytics and Google Console

2,500.0 Kč